Customer Success Lead

London, England, United Kingdom


We're looking for an exceptional Customer Success Lead to join us at Lingumi. Your responsibility will be owning our customer relationships, and the strategies and channels we use to create and nurture them, including CRM, customer support, and campaigns around activation and retention.

Lingumi is a pre-school English language learning company, based in London & Cardiff. We help children around the world aged 2-6 to begin learning English effectively, affordably, and playfully, using our app, digital curriculum, and physical products.

The Customer Success Lead will be responsible for ensuring every customer who signs up for Lingumi is well informed, happy, and successful. It's a huge and exciting part of what we do.

We have customers all around the world, and building relationships with them, and communities for them, is a key part of our customer success work in this high-trust sector. We are pro-active about customer success, and, as we rapidly scale, we're looking for somebody to join our team to lead this side of the business.

Your job will be mostly outward facing: you should love engaging with customers across channels, but you'll also be delivering insight to the team, speaking on behalf of customers in our planning meetings. You'll have the opportunity to build a customer support team around you as you go. We do all of our customer support ourselves, and all get stuck in. You'll be a big part of scaling and optimising these processes.

You'll be creating delightful experiences for tens of thousands of families each month, across multiple languages. That involves complexity and challenges related to managing a scaling CRM, translations, channels, and more...but it's a unique opportunity to communicate and create successful and joyful educational outcomes, facilitated at scale by technology. You'll be given a suite of tools and a team to support you. You'll be providing key insights, and running experiments, in a fast-growing and impactful business.



Lingumi is a fast-growing education startup with offices in London and Cardiff. We're backed by some of the UK's best investors, and our (amazing) customers are from all over the world. We're a team of nine, with an open work culture that permits flexible working time, remote work, and team members with young families! Our mission is to make English learning fun, affordable and effective for the next billion young learners.

We have a strong set of values that not only focus on achieving our mission, but that also make sure everyone at Lingumi is fully supported, trusted and respected. We value independence, creativity, and honesty in our culture and work.

As a part of the Lingumi team you will be given all the resources you need to perform your role, continue to learn new skills and be inspired, including the software and hardware you need to do your job well, access to online and offline learning opportunities, and the opportunity to travel for work if you so wish.

We want people to find their own rhythm of working that means they are the most productive, so we won’t demand that you to be at your desk 9-5 every day, if that doesn’t work for you. We are strong believers in asynchronous team communication to reduce distraction.

We don’t believe that titles make you entitled, all members of the team have an equal voice. Everyone has ownership and autonomy over their work. We share and support each other, so that no one is left struggling with a task on their own.

We are making a positive impact on children’s lives and futures: come and be part of our journey.

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